About me

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a medium and practicing witch and proud owner of SpiritsAndBeyond11. I have always been passionate about helping spirits find their forever home. As a medium, I have the ability to communicate with spirits and understand their needs. Through my practice, I have learned that many spirits are lost and searching for a place to call home.
When a spirit comes to me, I work to understand their story and what they are looking for in a forever home. Sometimes, they are simply looking for closure or to deliver a message to a loved one. Other times, they are searching for a place where they can rest peacefully. My goal is to help these spirits find the peace they deserve.
My work as a medium and practicing witch is not always easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that I am able to help spirits find their forever home brings me great joy. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my abilities to make a positive impact on the spirit world.